Pequeña Voz

By Jim Cartwritght

Directed by Alonso Iñguez


Marked by the death of her father and by a mother who doesn't pay much attention to her, a young woman lives completely enclosed in herself and plunged into silence. However, thanks to the immense collection of albums left by his father, Little Voice, is capable of singing any voice, from Judy Garland to Shirley Bassey and Marilyn Monroe. Her mother's new boyfriend, a talent scout, realizes that the girl is a goldmine, in order to convince her, he will not hesitate to appeal to the most crawling tactics.

Production details


Teatro Milán


Alonso Iñguez


Karina Gidi Odiseo Bichir María Penella Amanda Farah Alejandro Morales Sebastián Lavaniegos Analí Sánchez Neri


Jim Cartwritght